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For 8 years now, I’ve been Cloud Nine Meditation. I’ve wanted to put my name in my business ever since I lost my job and decided to follow my calling but I’ve struggled with it – David & Goliath style. Weird right? It’s just a name.

“So why the name change, Angela?”

Here’s the story I can tell at cocktail parties…

A few years ago a head shop opened up in my neighborhood. They named it Cloud 9 Glass (you can visit them right here if you’d like) and I’ve been fielding phone calls about replacement parts for bongs ever since. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. (Gummie, anyone?)

Here’s the real story…

Putting my name into my business felt very big and too scary. All the insecurities came a-knocking like, “Who do you think you are?”

When your name is out there like that, there’s no more hiding.

I’m done hiding. I’m done being in the closet about anything. (I used to be in the closet about everything.) Not to spoil all the good stories you’ll start reading when you’re in my universe, one tiny snippet is that I used to be a closet meditator. That’s right.

I was in the closet

I meditated in secret and didn’t tell anyone that I meditated for the first 2 years! Why? Because doing something my Soul was asking me to do felt awkward and naughty (in a sacrilege sort of wayironic, huh?!). I was so wobbly about meditation that claiming this new “weird” thing for myself felt like putting a wedge between me and those I loved the most. Deep down what I was scared to death of was being seen. And then judged. Or worse yet, rejected completely. That voice in my head was what I imagined everyone else would say, too, while wagging their finger at me, “Who do you think you are?”

I have lots more stories like that. You’ll get to read them if you stay in orbit with me and get my emails.

So ten years later, I’m fully out. No longer hiding a thing. I’m Angela Swanson. I’m a meditator. I’m a meditation teacher and not hiding the fact that it’s not just my purpose, it’s my calling.

It feels damn good to say it out loud. I’m proud of what I do! I’ve helped oodles of people make meditation a natural part of their life. I can help you, too! And then, you’ll find your Stillpower™ and start showing up in the world as the OUTRAGEOUS GIFT THAT YOU ARE. Not to mention very happy and chill which makes you better looking, saving you thousands on face cream. (You can thank me later.)

You can come all the way out, too. Why? Because we need you. The world needs you. The 100% Real-As-It-Gets You. By the way, this being yourself stuff is the secret to kicking a** in life. (Whoda thunk?)

Yep. I’m the one who runs this joint, so after 8 years of being Cloud Nine Meditation, MY name is now on the door. And just so you know… I know my stuff. But don’t just take it from me… check out these recent comments:

“She knows her stuff!”

“Angela has a deep deep deep love for people.”

“She holds a mirror to you and shows you what you can be.”

“Her ability to connect my mind and body is what keeps me coming back to meditation.”

“The way I cope and react is so different. I can handle whatever is thrown at me.”

“She’s the light in the dark of the Internet.”

“I’m not exaggerating when I say she saved marriage!”

“Her energy washes over you and it becomes you. It’s beautiful.”

“I feel seen, held, loved, and understood.”

“She’s changed our lives.”

What’ll you get at Angela Swanson Meditation?

  1. The power of Stillpower™ (my signature methodology and your super-secret shortcut to getting all the good things you want in life).
  2. No BS meditation that’ll become as easy and natural as brushing your teeth.
  3. A new way of being in the world that feels easy and free, right and good, and restores that joyful glow you’ve been missing.

So now what? + Make sure you’re on my email list. + Read more about me right here. + Get into The Moment Membership. That’ll get you started. 🙂

Thank you for being a part of my universe. I’m so grateful to be traveling with you.

xo Angela

PS: This pic is from a mini-vision board I did at a Geneen Roth retreat in 2018 when I was healing from an eating disorder. Not hiding, it seems, takes time. (And lots of kindness to yourself).

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