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Marcia meditation testimonial

- Marcia S.

I didn’t feel I had the time to take this class, but I’m glad I did it anyway because now I’ve taken my meditation practice to a new level. I’m meditating on my own (rather than using apps) and I’ve extended the length of my practice. I feel even more committed than before! Angela is a great teacher, I’d recommend her class to anyone.

testimonial kara s

- Kara S

I wanted to learn to meditate but I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to do it correctly. Since learning with Angela, I’m able to meditate anywhere, anytime and already feel calmer and have a better relationship with my family. Angela is a fabulous teacher. Her meditation class was a great experience for me. Because I’m giving myself permission to take time for myself and meditate, I’m feeling peace, I have more patience and self-awareness, and I’m being in the present! Being present is something I never understood and now cherish.