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  • I was quoted in Forbes! 😲

It’s a pretty good day when you find out your words and name appear in global publication such as Forbes! Here’s the quote:

​“We’re losing the battle for our attention if we don’t make time for meditation every day. Meditation empowers us to respond with our brilliance rather than react with our fear-brain to stressful situations,” meditation expert Angela Swanson of Cloud Nine Meditation tells me. “Our brains need to rest. A daily meditation practice gets us off the hamster wheel of our incessant worrying, problem-solving, and analyzing and gives us much-needed time to pause and relax. When we’re calm and centered, the more effective we are. We’re able to meet the needs before us with uncommon clarity, creativity, and compassion.”

Read full article here.

Note from Angela: The quote references Cloud Nine Meditation which was the name of my business until June 2021 when I decided to change it because a head shop named Cloud Nine opened up in my city and I was tired of answering phone calls about bongs. Truth be told, it doesn’t bother me all that much, I get a kick out of telling the story. Gummy?

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