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hi, i'm angela.

I almost didn't 

learn to


Meditation found me ten years ago sitting naked in an empty bathtub like a zombie with no desire to keep going and no clue what to do next. I heard an inner voice whisper, "Learn to meditate" to which I replied, "Oh hell no." That whisper persisted and finally, I listened. I found a teacher, learned to meditate, and never looked back.


Now, I help others take that next step and experience breakthroughs of their own. I'm here to help YOU make meditation a natural part of your life so you get the big payoff. Best part? You already have everything you need: willingness and a good teacher. (Most people don’t realize they need a teacher.)


How exciting! Ready to start?

What if you could make a shift that leads to legit peace and happiness, no matter what life throws your way? You can.

What’s this meditation stuff all about? 

and other FAQs

What is this place?

Angela Swanson Meditation is your source for help with:

  • Making meditation easy so it becomes a natural part of your life. (No apps required.)
  • Tapping your true power. Hello, Stillpower.
  • Becoming 100% YOU and living the life you really want

Why do you do what you do?

When you read my story you'll learn I was a skeptic! I didn't go looking for meditation, meditation found me. And I've been meditating and teaching ever since. Before meditation, I was always searching for my purpose. Once I started meditating and experiencing the shifts in my life, I realized that sharing meditation with others in a way that's easy, down-to-earth and practical is not only my purpose, it's my calling.

Is working with you the best way to learn to meditate?

While there are many excellent teachers and many different ways to learn to meditate, if you found yourself here and something inside you says, “YES,” then I would say trust your gut! Also... there's a difference between what I teach and what I call "fast-food meditation." If you're looking to meditate for real (and experience the maximum impact) working with me is an excellent next step. You can hear what others say about working with me by clicking right here.

I’ve read the books and tried the apps. I've also tried to meditate on my own but I can't stop my mind from thinking. What makes you think I can even do this?

My favorite part of teaching meditation is when my student’s eyes pop open and THEY GET IT! Those "Aha!" moments are gold. Many people struggle with meditation because they make very common mistakes. A good teacher solves that. Meditation is a subtle skill and requires a good teacher to learn from. You CAN do it! I can help you meditate with ease and confidence so you can stop trying to meditate and meditate for real.

I want to learn to meditate for real! What's my next step?

The quickest, most affordable way to get started is to join The Moment Membership by clicking right here. When you’re in The Moment, you get access to me, live weekly sessions, classes, tips, downloads, recordings, replays, PLUS a community of cool people learning and practicing right along with you.

OK, I’m so in. What’s next?

Yay! I’m stoked! Go ahead and click right here to get into The Moment Membership.

Otherwise, make sure you’re subscribed to get my weekly emails

About Angela Swanson

Angela Swanson, founder of Angela Swanson Meditation and The Moment Membership has been a go-to meditation teacher for almost a decade.

After a personal crisis led to a breakdown, she learned to meditate, became a teacher, and has never looked back. 

Since leaving corporate America to start her own business she’s taught meditation and mindfulness in large corporations, small businesses, churches, schools, private homes, yoga studios, wellness centers, therapy offices, health clinics, public libraries, parks, a booth at Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano, her living room, and most recently, online. Proving just about anyone can meditate just about anywhere.

Angela’s mission is to help you take the next step with meditation. She makes meditation so easy it becomes a natural part of your life through her meditation membership, classes, and coaching.

After working with hundreds of students, she developed her signature method, Stillpower™, so you can take your meditation practice and your life to new levels, no matter where you're at on your meditation journey. 

When not teaching meditation or working with her mentees, Angela likes playing Pickleball, traveling, reading the Mystics, watching James Bond movies, dancing to live music, eating great food, and sipping unusual cocktails.  

Angela lives in Iowa with her Goldendoodle, Carly.

You've read the books. Tried the apps.

Ready to meditate for real?

Word on the street.

Angela is a wonderful meditation teacher. 

She embodies what every meditator can – inner peace, grace, wisdom, compassion, creativity and joy. She shares meditation easily and anyone who learns to meditate with her is really fortunate!

sarah McLean


Angela. Is. Amazing.

It's not easy to trudge through this process of life, but having the tools Angela teaches are simply priceless. And it's not just the tools, it's HER.  She has an amazingly calm personality and is so uplifting. I've gotten more out of a few weeks working with Angela than going to therapy for the last two years.

Jenny H.

Angela's truly given us a gift.

Daily meditation has completely re-shaped the way we experience life. We've always strived for peace and calm in our home but never before has it been so tangible. The training Angela gave us has shaped every moment of our day. 

Leslie K.

co-host of mama bear dares podcast & author of mama bear's manifesto

Angela understands me better than I understand myself.

Angela's communication skills are wonderful and her compassion is outstanding. She keeps me doing what I want to do. I wouldn't have continued this far on my meditation journey without her. 

jay M.