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Bring it on, life.

How would it feel to find your missing peace so no matter what life brings—you got this?


What if it was easy?*

What if you could once and for all make the shift in your life that leads to a legit sense of peace and happiness, no matter what life throws your way. You can. It takes a little something I call Stillpower. It’s like knowing a super-secret shortcut to all the good things you want in life. Get started instantly with one of these resources. xo, Angela 

*that thing you're struggling with

Think you don't have time to meditate? Think again.

Angela Swanson Meditation

Get the five ways to meditate when you don't have time to meditate. 

Meditation doesn't require fancy stuff like incense. Or robes. Or beads. Or sitting crossed-legged on the floor. Or going on retreat. Great news is, you already have what you need, including time. (I'll show you!) Get five surprising–and easy–ways to find time to meditate even if you're crazy busy.

Angela Swanson Meditation

Take your practice to new heights with The Moment Membership.

Perfect for newbies and seasoned meditators alike, this is THE way to get my personal help with your practice and meditate with other cool people who want to get the absolute most out of meditation. Let's find your Stillpower!

Here's the truth. Your true power doesn't come from force of will. It comes from being still.

You have a source of power within you that's creative, joyful, and flows easy. Best part? It works better than willpower. I call it Stillpower. Want it? Let's talk.


Angela Swanson Meditation

That breezy confidence knowing whatever life brings, you got this.

The secret? Stillpower. (It's the new willpower.) The magic duo of daily meditation and then mindful action is how you'll go from stuck to unstoppable. 

I'm here to help you make your life a work of art, not a fixer upper. How? Through small shifts in how youpause, pay attention, set intentions, talk to yourself, feel your feelings, trust your gut, listen to your body, honor your desires, realize your goodnessand all the other ways you co-create your reality. Payoff? You'll vibe so high with a joyful confidence that's so irresistible you'll be the one other people notice and say, "Gimme whatever she's having!" 

Hey, by the way, I'm Angela. Have we met?

Angela Swanson Meditation

More from Angela Swanson

Angela Swanson Meditation

Learn to meditate

If you're just dipping a toe into the waters of meditation, this course is a great place to start. In this live interactive class you'll learn a simple, easy meditation method that works for you—and will serve you for a lifetime.

Angela Swanson Meditation

Private coaching

Those inner whispers are calling to you for a reason. It's time for your brilliance to burst into the world. Blast through blocks and move forward in any area of your life faster than you thought possible with my potent coaching method.

get meditation tips from angela swanson
Angela Swanson Meditation

Tips on demand

Get 30 days of my best meditation tips delivered straight to your phone so you can make meditation a habit that sticks(!) and blends easily into your life. It's like having a teacher in your pocket. Save these tips, you'll want them again.


Testimonials from cool people

Angela Swanson Meditation

"Angela is a fabulous teacher. I’m able to meditate anywhere, anytime and already feel calmer and have a better relationship with my family."

I wanted to learn to meditate but I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to do it correctly. Since learning with Angela, I’m feeling peace, I have more patience and self-awareness, and I’m being in the present! Being present is something I never understood and now cherish.

~ Kara S.

Angela Swanson Meditation

"In the past I would find myself getting irritated and mad when someone said something that offended me."

Now my first response isn't anger or irritation it's a sense of calm. When I reflect on the feeling I feel like I'm more accepting of the person and their thoughts and ideas. I don't take it personal and so it switches from being all about me back to being about them. I really like that change. I feel free – like a load has been lifted off my shoulders.

~ Natalie K.


I’m Angela, I'll be helping you make meditation a natural part of your life.

I’ve seen too many people struggle with meditation. They start out curious, sift through all the info and test-drive the apps only to become overwhelmed and discouraged. They try to meditate but give up. Or worsethey don't start at all.  

Does this sound like you?

  • You know meditation is a game-changer but you’ve tried and quit and figure you just can’t do it.
  • You envy those people who seem to sail through life, musing: “I want what she's having but it's probably not possible for me.”
  • Maybe you don’t need a major life overhaul but you know how it feels when you’re confident, creative, and in the flowand you'd love to feel that way every day.

That’s exactly what I do.

I make meditation so easy it becomes as natural as brushing your teeth. And then? You find your Stillpower.

From practical know-how that makes meditation a cinch to deep spiritual teaching to handle life’s hardest challenges, I’ll have you feeling so chill and confident that no matter what nonsense life brings, you know in your bonesyeah, I got this.

The Moment Membership logo

Imagine being able to meditate with ease so you never have to fiddle-faddle with it again. 

Get a front-row seat to personal help with meditation. I'll teach you how to meditate so it becomes natural (not sucky). It's The Moment Membership. It works. It's affordable. It's THE best way to get the absolute most out of meditation and finally see changes you want in your life.